IACMR 2008 Conference Caucuses: Call for Proposals (Session 20K)
Haiyang Li, Rice University

Garden Hotel, June 22, 13:30-17:30

As we did in the last conference 2006, IACMR continues to have caucus sessions in the 2008 conference in Guangzhou. Caucuses are roundtable discussions which are designed to provide a convenient, informal way for IACMR members who share a topical interest or a professional concern to find one another and to develop a sense of community. For example, if you are working on issues such as entrepreneurship and new technology ventures in China, you want to know who else (e.g., either from mainland China, Hong Kong, U.S., or other countries/regions) are interested in this topic. You would like to have a conversation with them and to know: a) who is doing what, b) what are the commonly interested issues, c) whether there are any potential opportunities for collaborations, etc. Caucuses can help you explore new ideas as well as expand your academic network in an informal, relaxed environment.

Proposal Submission Guideline

Caucus sessions will be scheduled on June 22, 2008 (the last day of the conference). If you are interested in organizing a caucus for the IACMR 2008 conference, please send a proposal to Haiyang Li, Rice University by email (haiyang@rice.edu) or fax (1-713-348-6331). The deadline for submission is on or before April 1, 2008.

The proposal can be either in English or in Chinese with the following items included:
1) Title of the caucus
2) Organizer's full name and contact information
3) A brief description of the caucus (250 words max.)
4) Commitments from at least three other members to participate in caucus (e-mailed commitments pasted into caucus proposal are OK)

Scheduled Caucus

1.  Innovations in Public and Non-profit Sector Organizations in China
     Spealers : Anne S. Tsui, Arizona State University
                   G. Zhiyong Lan, Arizona State University
                   Joseph Galaskiewicz, University of Arizona
                   Xianglin Xu, Beijing University

2.  管理中的女性研究Study on Women in Management
     Spealers : Peilan Guan, Wuhan University
                   冯芷艳, 国家自然科学基金会管理科学部工商管理组
                   罗东霞, 湖北大学管理学院, 武汉大学在读博士
                   李新建, 南开大学国际商学院
                   花蕴, 深圳市中联房地产企业有限公司, 武汉大学在读博士
                   白涛, 广东省广业工业建设集团有限公司总经理, 暨南大学在读博士
                   陈劲, 浙江大学行政管理学院
                   王海光, 浙江大学博士后, 辽宁大学工商管理学院工商系主任
                   叶文振, 厦门大学教授, 福建女性发展研究中心主任
                   任远, 复旦大学教授, 博导, 人口研究所副所长,文科科研处副处长
                   吕锋, 北大光华管理学院


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