IACMR Research Methods Workshop Philosophy of Management Research Workshop Event Registration


July 11-14, 2009, Chengdu, China

Below is the tentative program schedule for the workshop.

Date/ Time July 11 (Saturday) July 12 (Sunday) July 13 (Monday) July 14 (Tuesday)

Lecture 1
The scientific research process and types of empirical studies
(Tsui/Van de Ven)

Parallel lecture 4a
Measuring OB/HR constructs

Parallel lecture 4b
Experimental research

Parallel lecture 7a
Conducting OT/Strategy research

Parallel lecture 7b Entrepreneurship research

Discussion session 7
Continue discussion of proposals and finalize research design of the selected proposal for presentation


Lecture 2
Choosing a dissertation topic, defining the research question and contributions

Parallel lecture 5a
Survey research

Parallel lecture 5b
Multi-level research

Parallel lecture 8a
Doing HR research in China

Parallel lecture 8b
Creativity research
(J. Zhou)

Discussion session 8 Preparation for presentation



Proposal presentations
(Each proposal, 20 minutes presentation and 20 min Q&A

6 Macro proposals
6 Micro proposals


Discussion session 1
Share research interests and identify four topics for detailed discussion

Discussion session 3
Each group discusses 4 proposals in depth

Discussion session 5
Continue discussion of proposals



Lecture 3
Developing theory and hypotheses

Parallel lecture 6a
Grounded Theory Building
(Van de Ven)

Parallel lecture 6b
Secondary data research
(C.H. Zhou)

Parallel lecture 9a
Conducting indigenous research

Parallel lecture 9b
Challenges in cross-cultural research


Wrap up session
Faculty panel: Do’s and don’ts in dissertation research + Q&A

19:00-21:00 Discussion session 2
Each group discusses 4 proposals in depth
Discussion session 4
Each group discusses 4 proposals in depth

Discussion session 6
Continue discussion  and select one proposal for presentation

IACMR Research Methods Workshop