Anne S. Tsui, University of Notre Dame, Peking University, Fudan University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Xiaoping Chen, University of Washington

Inaugural Hermann and Marianne Straniak Stiftung - MOR 最佳论文奖
Xing, Yijun; Liu, Yipeng, 2015, Poetry and Leadership in Light of Ambiguity and Logic of Appropriateness

Jing, Runtian; Van de Ven, Andrew H., 2014, A Yin-Yang Model of Organizational Change: The Case of Chengdu Bus Group

Financing for Social Entrepreneurship in China: An Exploratory Study
Kun Guo , Peking University

Pain Is Not Always Detrimental: An Integrative Consequence Model of Episodic Abusive Leadership Behavior
Zhenyu Liao, National University of Singapore

How Organizational Failures Influence Trust from the Public
Donna Jingdan Yao, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Some Things, If not All Things, Are About Change: A Time-Based Theory of Abusive Supervision
Lingtao Yu, University of Minnesota

Antecedents and Processes of Chinese Firms’ New-to-the-world Innovations
Zhijing Zhu, UNSW, Australia

最佳大会论文奖 -- 宏观类
Painted with the Same Brush: Negative Reputation Spillover among Emerging Market Firms Listed in Developed Market
Xiwei Yi, Rice University, Weiwen Li, Sun Yat-Sen University

最佳大会论文奖 -- 微观类
Buffering or Exacerbating? Climate Effects on the Curvilinear Relationship between Abusive Supervision and Creativity
Riki Takeuchi, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Ruixue Zhang, Hong Kong U. of Science and Technology

The Legacy of the Past: Multiple Historic Events and the distributions of Contemporary FDI Inflows in Chinese Cities 1842-2011
Jiangling Yi, Nanjing University

The Dynamic Alignment of Multicultural Experience and Identities in Intracultural and Intercultural Negotiations
Leigh Anne Liu, Georgia State University, Li Ma, Peking University, Chei Hwee Chua, University of Miami, Zhixue Zhang, Peking University, Cordula Barzantyn ,Toulouse Business School


2016 Lifetime Contribution Award Committee:
1. John Child, University of Birmingham (Chair)
2. Jiing-Lih Larry Farh, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
3. Arie Lewin, Duke University
4. Gordon Redding, European Institute of Business Administration (INSEAD)
5. Weiying Zhang, Peking University

2016 Distinguished Scholarly Contribution Award Committee:
1. Yadong Luo, University of Miami (Co-Chair)
2. Jia Lin Xie, University of Toronto (Co-Chair)
3. Larrry Farh, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
4. Arie Lewin, Duke University
5. Neng Liang, CEIBS
6. Klaus Meyer, CEIBS
7. Kai Zhang, Remin University of China

2016 Distinguished Executive Award Committee:
1. Shi Wang (Chair), Vanke Group
2. Neng Liang (Co-chair), CEIBS
3. Wen Hai, Peking University (HSBC School)
4. Arie Lewin, Duke University
5. Jiye Mao , Renmin University of China
6. Gaoning Ning, COFCO Group
7. Xiaobo Wu, Zhejiang University
8. Weiying Zhang, Peking University (NSD)
9. Yuli Zhang, Nankai University

Best Conference Paper Awards Committee:
1. XiaoPing Chen (Co-Chair), University of Washington
2. ShuCheng (Steve) Chi (Co-Chair), National Taiwan University
3. Wei Shen (Co-Chair), Arizona State University
4. Katherine Xin (Co-Chair), CEIBS
5. Guoli Chen, INSEAD
6. YaRu Chen, Cornell University
7. YingYi Hong, Chinese University of Hong Kong
8. Wu Liu, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
9. Amy Ou, National University of Singapore
10. Bilian Ni Sullivan, HKUST
11. Eric Tsang, UT Dallas
12. Xiaomeng Zhang, CKGSB

Award Committee of MOR/PUP Best Paper Award of Chinese Theory of Management, and Management and Organization Review Hermann and Marianne Straniak Stiftung Award:
1. Arie Y. Lewin, Editor in Chief MOR, Chair
2. C.Y Chiu, Deputy Editor MOR, Chinese University Hong Kong
3. Klaus Meyer, Deputy Editor MOR, CEIBS
4. Carl Fey, Senior Editor MOR, Aalto University
5. Thomas Hutzschenreuter, Senior Editor MOR, Technical University Munich
6. Jing Li, Senior Editor MOR, Simon Frazer University
7. Stephan Manning, Senior Editor MOR, University of Massachusetts Boston
8. Peter Murmann, Senior Editor MOR, University of South Wales
9. Shameen Prashantham, Senior Editor MOR, CEIBS
10. Eric Tsang, Senior Editor MOR, University of Texas Dallas

Kwok Leung Dissertation Grant Committee:
1. Haiyang Li, Rice University (Co-Chair)
2. Peter Li, Copenhagen Business School
3. Klaus Meyer, China Europe International Business School
4. Eric Tsang, University of Texas at Dallas

1. Xu Huang, Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Co-Chair)
2. Yaping Gong, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
3. Jun Liu, Remin University of China
4. Zhaoli Song, National University of Singapore